Online Payments in Brazil

Market insights

Brazil is by far the most important e-commerce market in Latin America.

  • Regional importance: Brazil accounts for about 62% of total e-commerce sales in the region.
  • Internet use: 46% of urban Brazilians claim they search for products online.
  • Online shopping: About half of all Internet users say they have made purchases online.
  • Growth potential: 27% or fewer Brazilian households currently have Internet access.

A growing market with high potential

The e-commerce market growth figures clearly indicate an up going trend: Forrester Research estimates that e-commerce sales in Brazil will reach $22.0 billion in 2016, up 178% from $7.9 billion in 2010.

Even though statistics still show low penetration of Internet shoppers, trends show that this percentage will grow rapidly. The growing popularity of online search and the current low penetration of household Internet access also point to tremendous growth potential.

Do you want to take part of this growing market? Make sure your business is set up to effectively sell to local consumers and comply with local rules and regulations. Or partner with a provider who can support your localization goals.

Local payments is the way to go

Brazil has a long history of merchants offering installment credits — a system where buyers finance their purchases with partial payments made over a period of time.

This consumer behavior has transferred into the online world in the shape of card payments with installments. Today, around 53% of all online card transactions in Brazil take advantage of installment credits.

This consumer preference for installment payments exists across all industries regardless of average ticket size or type of goods sold.

Credit cards are the number one online payment method in Brazil. They present merchants with two challenges:

  1. Numerous Brazilian credit cards are closed for cross-border transactions.
  2. The only way to offer installment payments on credit cards — the high-demand payment option described above — is through a local acquirer.

Boleto Bancário is a cash-like, consumer-initiated payment option based on a bank transfer. It is popular with consumers who do not have credit cards or bank accounts and with those who prefer the security of cash payments. It requires a localized payments program with local processing partners.

Digital River World Payments: Your local partner in Brazil

Digital River World Payments can help you expand into Brazil. Because we offer on-shore and offshore solutions, we can meet your specific business requirements as well as the purchasing preferences of most of your online shoppers.

Our local offering includes the most popular payment options — card processing via the two major local acquirers, including support for installments, and Boleto Bancário — so you can do business with more shoppers.

Contact us today to find out more about e-payments for Brazil.

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